Pest Prevention


We provide the full range of effective pest prevention and control services to help keep your premises safe for people, and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Our services can be delivered as a complete pest management solution or a tailored package of services to meet your specific requirements.

From rodent and insect solutions to bird proofing, mite clearance and much more, our highly experienced team delivers an effective and humane service - while removing unnecessary costs and disruptions to your business.

Offering the most practical and cost-effective treatments for your needs, we take a proactive approach following three main principles:

  1. Exclusion: how to keep pests out of your premises
  2. Restriction: helping prevent infestations through sound housekeeping practices
  3. Destruction: eradicating pests whenever there is a problem

Our range of services includes:

Inspection and risk assessments

  • Identification and detailed reports on pest risks
  • Inspection and monitoring for pests and assessment of environmental conditions
  • Advice on infestation hygiene, proofing and storage

Pest prevention service for premises

  • Cleaning to eliminate sources of food for pests
  • Employing a full range of pesticide formulations to ensure rapid and effective control of pests
  • Technicians trained to carry out proofing, sealing gaps and pest harborages

Pest monitoring

Our pest prevention services also extend to pest monitoring, providing a full range of services to identify the presence of pests, and to monitor the success of pest management strategy:

  • Activity monitors for rodents
  • Insect identification and trend analysis
  • Trapping devices for rodents, moths, beetles, mites and flying insects
  • Visual inspections for all pests including birds
  • Training of customer staff to identify the presence of pests

For more information on NGG Pest Prevention services, please contact us.

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